Irish. Born and bred. Through and through. The good times and the bad. This is home.

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      • The Views Collection ~ The Shandon Bells - CORK

          The Shandon Bells is the second in a series that aims to evoke personal and poignant memories of home... “Time is your friend and your foe. Your healer and your killer. Your future and your past, from your first memory to your last. Is it any wonder that...

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    Who We Are

    Living down under. Missing home.
 We were thinking. What is it about Ireland?
 The people... the stories... the places... the wit. That's what moved us to create iconic Irishness. An image here, cúpla focal there. Drawn back home RetróEire was born. While we've been to all four corners of the world, if truth be told, we've only ever known one home.
 We're Irish. Our grass doesn't get any greener. And we like tea.