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"Time is a friend and a foe, a healer and a killer, a future and a past and a first memory and last. You can count on it, learn from it and reach your dreams through it, always wanting more of it… but lest ye forget, the Four Faced Liar has a bare faced cheek." 

Many swear that the four faces of the clock gloriously contradict each other, and with its red sandstone and white ashlar limestone coat, some even believe that the Shandon Bells Tower gave rise to the county colours.

Although you may have cursed their bellow, according to scripture, the bells “sound far more grand on the pleasant waters of the river Lee”. They’re not just part of history, they’re part of Cork.

 If you grew up in the shadow of the city, the bell’s toll became as routine as a heartbeat. And like a heartbeat, they strike a cord so deep within, it reaches all the way down through your earliest memories...

     Product Details: 

    • Signed by artist Kate Ó
    • Limited Edition ~ 400
    • Hand Drawn / Hand Letterpress Printed
    • Embossed and numbered 
    • Bockingford Paper - 300gsm Cream
    • Size - 353x500mm (B3)
    • Print only- unframed

    Views From:

    • Mahonys Place
    • Chapel Street
    • Shandon Place
    • Cathedral Street
    • Levitt's Quay
    • Eason's Hill
    • Rowlands Lane
    • River Lee
    • Coal Quay

    Designed and printed in Ireland

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