Broad & Narrow

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'As she wheeled her wheelbarrow, through streets..."

As the sound tracks to our lives return, RetróEire in collaboration with letterpress printer One Strong Arm makes that soul-felt connection with the Irish ‘Ceol Print Collection’. Timeless words, and timeless notes designed and letterpress printed using a process which has remained unchanged for over 400 years. 

Hand printed on GF Smith Colorplan, 270 gsm in Citrine. Printed using 18 line Grotesque woodtype by Day and Collins on a 1964 Korrex Berlin proofing press. Embossed, numbered & signed by artists. The print will ship in a tube and wrapped in acid free tissue paper.


10% of all profits from the 'Dublin Ceol Collection' will go to the Dublin Simon Community this year. 

500mm x 350mm
Edition of 100